About Us

Marwick's was founded in 2016 by Mike and Lois Marwick. We opened our first shop in 2016 in Union Street in Dundee.

We opened with a focus on sustainable and ethical produce and then in January 2018 we turned our business vegan. We were the first fully vegan establishment in Dundee and we very quickly outgrew our premises.

We had a brief pop up in bigger premises in 2019 and then just as we were looking to find a bigger permanent home, Covid came in 2020.

So in 2021 we began making Vegan Food from our kitchen for home delivery and other events that we cater.

World Vegan Street Food is a concept we developed through considering the way climate change and the need to travel less, may curtail our future travel plans. We want to bring you new food experiences without the need for you to leave your own home. So come on a journey with us and Travel The World Through Food as we take you to different countries weekly!

We work with many local suppliers and try and use seasonal vegetables. We are constantly looking at how we can be more sustainable, We are by no means perfect in anything we do, but we are trying to lead a more simple and sustainable life. We do it for our four children at home with us in the hope of a better future.